Meet the band –


Renee St. Jean – lead vocals and rhythm guitar

Renee is the band’s leader. The name “Yellow Sun Wreckers”, an homage to the classic discs issued by Yellow Sun Records, reflects Renee’s deep musical roots in classic country-western, bluegrass, and rock and roll. The band’s repertoire features her powerfully expressive singing – sometimes sweet and low, sometimes belting blues – and driving guitar playing.


Frank Fotusky – lead guitar and vocals

Frank’s virtuosic electric guitar, soaked in rocking blues and always tasteful and faithful to what the music calls for, is a highlight of the Yellow Sun Wreckers’ sound. A nationally-known acoustic guitar picker in the Piedmont blues tradition, Frank frequently performs solo when not with the Wreckers.


Kim Chasse – drums

Kim’s a veteran of the Maine music scene.  A drummer’s drummer, Kim lays it down rock-steady and grooving, no fuss, no muss. Kim’s regarded as the band’s most amiable and affable member.


Todd Burrowes – bass

Rocking steady, Todd’s electric bass helps anchor the band’s rhythm section.  Todd has diverse musical tastes and interests and enjoys playing steel drum, arranging music for steel band, and composing instrumental music.


Ben DeTroy – mandolin and vocals

A fluid and creative improviser, Ben’s a well-known, highly-regarded mandolin player in the Maine bluegrass world. When not leading his newgrassy band, Bald Hill, Ben sometimes joins the Wreckers for its more acoustic or bluegrass- oriented gigs.

Note on Poster Art:

Artist Alfred Wood, owner of Blood and Whiskey Studio, created the Yellow Sun Wreckers’ much-admired poster, which is featured on this website’s front page.  Thanks, Alfred!

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